Frequently asked questions: We have the answers.

How much data does TED store?

TED can store data on the device itself, as well as the cloud:

         MTU DATA                  SPYDER DATA     CLOUD STORAGE

Second data = 60 minutes    Not Applicable       Not Applicable
Minute data = 48 hours         24 Hours                6 Months
Hour data = 8 days                  8 Days                    Unlimited                          
Day data = 34 days                  5 Weeks                 Unlimited
Monthly data = 1 year           13 Months              Unlimited

Once a field becomes full it replaces the oldest record with the most recent

Can I export the data?

Yes! All data can be exported with Footprints Software at any time. The data will export to a CSV (Excel) file.

Can I view my data remotely?

Yes! There are several ways to do so. The most simple would be our free cloud service called TED Commander. We also have mobile apps (iOS and Android) to view real-time data on your mobile device!

Will TED work outside North America?

Yes! Our TED systems will work in most countries worldwide. If our web store is unable to process your order, please send an inquiry to support3@theenergydetective. com and we'll be happy to assist.

Is TED safety-certified?

Yes. TED is certified to UL Standards in the US and Canada, as well as CE certification worldwide.

How accurate is TED?

All TED systems measure true RMS Voltage and Power Factor - increasing the accuracy of the system. TED is calibrated at the factory to be accurate to within 1-2%, however, you will find that TED is generally closer to 1%.

Does TED monitor an individual appliance?

MYTH: Appliance signatures can be 'learned' or 'recognized.'

TRUTH: Only very unique, large loads can be isolated with some reliability (like an HVAC or water heater). Very few appliances can be learned. Smaller loads are totally unreliable – any device with a similar load/signature can be confused with another, and the result is a false-positive – which gives unreliable, bad data. One factor that weighs heavily in recognition is the VOLTAGE. If true RMS Voltage is not being measured, the error-factor increases dramatically.

BASIS: 7 years ago, in a prior model of TED, we had 'profiling' capability. Even though TED does measure true RMS voltage, our customers found it to be unreliable on small loads. While it worked well for large appliances like an HVAC/water heater, it was extremely inconsistent and frustrating for smaller appliances.

SOLUTION: Because of the inconsistent nature of appliance signature recognition, we developed the TED Spyder. Using the Spyder with a TED system now accurately and reliably measures any loads, large or small.

There are two ways to monitor an individual device/appliance.

TED Spyder – Using the TED Spyder, monitor 8 individual circuits (in addition to the entire load of the home/business). A TED system can accommodate up to 4 Spyders (32 individual circuits). Each leg of the Spyder is logged independently. See more details of the TED Spyder under the PRODUCTS tab above.

Use your mobile device (iOS or Android) – Because TED displays 1-second data, instantly see how much an individual device/appliance uses when it is turned off/on or whether it is plugged/unplugged.

How secure is my data?

In most instances, TED-data is accessible on a LAN (local area network) via a router connection, so no one outside the home/business can view the data. If you choose to view data remotely, the TED system can easily be password-protected for remote viewing. The data-transmission is encrypted. The data will not be viewable by anyone without your security credentials.