TED Commander

TED Commander is a cloud-based portal with a unique, copyrighted view of energy-use data

TED Commander enables enterprise-wide data collection, remote monitoring, graphing, trending, and data export. View multiple buildings, facilities, and electrical systems on one portal. Whether you are a solar integrator who wants to keep an eye on multiple solar installations, or a franchise owner with several hundred locations, TED Commander will allow you to view and store energy data from them all.

Calendar-view presents a visual of days and weeks. Click on a day to see detailed energy-use for that day. (See image below). Extraordinary graphing and comparison features.

Automatic calendar-coloring depicts energy-usage of each day - RED being highest, YELLOW next, then GREEN being lowest. Note the gradient of the green - indicating how much was used compared to other days.

Choose what to display in the Calendar...cost of energy, energy used (KWH), High/Low Voltage, Power Factor, Demand, weather.

If you would like to see more details of TED Commander, click here to download the TED Commander User Manual.

TED Commander Menu          Clicking any day on the calendar will bring up DETAILS of that particular day