A TED Pro System is comprised of one ECC (Energy Control Center) and up to four MTUs (Measuring Transmitting Units). One MTU is required for every monitoring point (see explanation below) you wish to measure. For instance if you have two Service Panels and a Solar System then you would need three MTUs. If you wish to measure more than four monitoring points, please contact TED Customer Service or Request a Quote below.
Display Options: Wired Display ($69) (shown to the left atop an ECC) or a Wireless Display ($149). You can also view the data in real time on any mobile device, pad, laptop, desktop, or dedicated monitor.
The Selection Guide below will help you configure your system.

What is a monitoring point?
A monitoring point is the actual point where you measure the load; it could be the main conductors feeding the main panel, in which case, it would measure everything being used within the facility; a secondary monitoring point may be where your solar inverter ties in to your panel (where you would want to measure your solar production). A monitoring point is a separate measurement that can be isolated from other monitoring points. All monitoring points can be viewed individually or in the aggregate.

For more help, please contact Customer Service or Click here to request a quote.

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Your TED system will come with all components and firmware required to receive real-time, accurate electricity usage data. There are no hidden monthly fees or subscription costs.

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