TED Sub-Metering

Insight into your Sub-Metering

Split that bill!

Asking your utility to simply add another meter to monitor a tenant or a specific industrial process sounds simple, but it is extremely expensive. TED makes it simple and inexpensive ... and TED's comprehensive software will give you so much more than a utility ever could. Splitting up a utility bill is made easy with TED. Whether you have a multi-tenant warehouse, or want to sub-meter a 100-unit condominium, TED can handle it.

Do you want to rent out a room in your house but have the question ‘How can I split an electric bill between tenants?’ TED can easily resolve this problem with its comprehensive software that will calculate the electricity bills for your tenants. Even if you have multiple tenants living under the same roof or you have assigned sub meters, we make it easy for you to calculate the electricity bills for all of your tenants. You no longer need to think about How Can I Submeter My Building, just get a TED system and make your life easier and stress free.

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We're here to help you out -

  • Office suites
  • Condominiums
  • Apartment buildings
  • Warehouses
  • isolating equipment cost
  • Industrial systems
  • Campgounds
  • Marinas
  • Mother-in-Law apartment
  • Strip-malls
  • Home/office

More details for TED sub-metering

  • •   Each tenant can access their account to better manage usage and understand the bill
  • •   Monthly billing data
  • •   Multi-function alerts for each tenant