Frequently asked questions: We have the answers.

Do I need a Spyder or MTU/CT set?

For a clear explanation of each, please click here

Can I use one Spyder donut (CT) to monitor more than one breaker?

Yes, you can put multiple conductors through one donut CT, but ONLY if the conductors are the SAME PHASE. The loads of the conductors will be summed; you will not be able to display individual-circuit load of the conductors that are run through one CT.

Can I purchase a Spyder with different amperage CTs?

There are several Spyder packages available; please see the package details under the PRODUCTS tab.

Does an electrician have to install the Spyder?

Because the Spyder requires disconnecting/reconnecting an existing circuit-wire, we do recommend that an electrician (or someone very familiar with an electric panel) perform the installation.