Monitoring Demand

Insight into Demand Monitoring

Demand Charges can be a significant, if not THE most significant charge on a utility bill. There is no way to manage Demand if it is not being monitored.

TED measures demand every 1-second, and maintains a rolling-average for the utility's 15-20-30 minute Demand average.

TED has several features built in that will assist in managing your Demand. TED will immediately send a Text/email alert to any designated individual(s) when a NEW Demand threshold is about to be reached ... in time for something to be done about it!

Alerts can be sent every minute/hour/day until the event is acknowledged.

Demand-data can also be exported any time - by the hour/day/month. All data is time-stamped.

TED will help!

Data Export for Daily Usage (note the Demand columns)