TED Commando

On July 31, 2020 we will terminate the TED Commander platform as you know it.

We recently conducted a survey of many thousands of users of the TED Commander.  The results indicated there is not enough support to warrant maintaining the TED Commander platform.  For those utilizing TED Commander for submetering or tenant billing, we have created a scaled-down version that will be subscription-based.  Details of this application are below. 

Options and skill levels required for TED Commander replacement:

Basic Level:

Free - View data locally using TED Footprints.  Most TED systems include an ECC, which stores the data internally and displays the Usage/Cost on the Footprints dashboard.  This will not change.  From any computer on the same Local Area Network as the ECC, data can be exported and graphed just as in Commander.  Note, however, that the setup is a little different.  There are no “Locations” in Footprints.  Data is stored by individual MTU and Spyder measurement. Click here to download the TED Footprints User Manual.

Intermediate Level:

Free – View TED Footprints data remotely – requires open port on router (See www.portforward.com )

Advanced Level:

TED Commando.  User buys server space directly to host a simple Billing page ($5/mo).  TED provides a new Billing Export application for daily/monthly data.  Customer is responsible for setting up new application. Recommended for those with Tenants/submetering who do not have an ECC, or have multiple ECCs posting to TED Commander.   Click here to download the TED Commando User Manual.

More on TED Commando - For those of you who rely on Commander for tenant/submetering, we have designed a very limited, modified version – known as TED Commando.  The only data logged will be daily total kWh data for each MTU and Spyder monitoring points.  Note this may or may not correspond to your existing Tenant “Locations,” so you should review and record the “Monitoring Points” listed in your Location settings.  This service (TED Commando) will be totally in the control of the user.  Energy Inc will not have access to your server account or TED Commando application.  Energy Inc will not be supporting or making any changes to the software once downloaded. 

The TED Commando software and data will be hosted on the user’s server. You can use any server.  TED suggests Digital Ocean, which charges a monthly fee of $5.  The user will be responsible for the complete setup of the account and the server, as well as the installation of the TED Commando application.  The user will maintain the subscription directly with Digital Ocean. 

Activating TED Commando is a 4-step process:

STEP 1.  Account activation/payment to Digital Ocean. Please click here https://digitalocean.com to set up account credentials and provide payment method for Digital Ocean subscription ($5.00/month).

STEP (2a) The set up for Digital Ocean cloud service (“droplet”) is found here:  https://github.com/theenergydetective/commando

- OR-

STEP (2b)  Send Digital Ocean credentials (from Step 1) to TED by emailing info@theenergydetective.com

STEP 3.  Activate the post.

STEP 4.  Follow steps in User Manual to complete setup/name tenants/rates, etc.

Click here to download the TED Commando User Manual.

Extreme Level:

Free - Download Source Code for TED Commander.   Would require significant software engineering expertise to implement.  TED also has open APIs if customer wants to create a custom application.  Link here:  https://github.com/theenergydetective/commander

For questions, please E-mail us.