TED Advisor

Real-time Email and Text Message Alerts

TED Advisor is a free feature of TED that will automatically send an instant text message or email alert as soon as any user-set parameter is met. Set a monthly budget, monitor abnormal voltage levels, be instantly notified when a demand threshold or new utility rate goes into effect and much more! Receive updates as often or as infrequently as you would like with this free TED feature. With your customized alerts, you'll not only be able to measure electricity, but now you can instantly manage it!


  • Easy to set up and modify.
  • Customize budgets, rates, and alerts.
  • Receive alerts every minute, hourly or once/day
  • Set an alert for any rate change
  • Set an alert for a daily/bill-cycle budget
  • Set an alert for real-time power limit
  • Set an alert for a Demand threshold
  • Set an alert for high and/or low voltage
  • Set an alert for generation (for solar)
  • TED Advisor is a FREE feature of TED
  • And more ...