TED Spyder

TED Spyder Individual Circuit Monitoring Tool

Looks like a spider, doesn't it, with its 8 legs? TED Spyder is an add-on accessory, compatible only with TED Pro systems. The Spyder will log data for individual circuits/ appliances/ systems/ motors. The Spyder comes with eight (8) Current Transformers (CTs) to monitor circuits from 15A up to 200A. The CTs are designed to go around individual circuit conductors inside your breaker panel. Every TED Pro system MTU comes with a built-in Spyder connection.

The Spyder does not inaccurately guess or inaccurately 'sense' to come up with an appliance measurement ... it KNOWS because it is actually MEASURING the specific circuit!
You'll know WHEN it ran, HOW LONG it ran, and WHAT IT COST to run. The Spyder is great for SMALL loads or LARGE loads.

The Spyder monitors breaker-level detail ... on your HVAC units, computer equipment, lighting, individual offices, and thousands of other possibilities! This add-on is the perfect way to take your TED Pro to the next level of monitoring and saving!

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The TED Spyder connects to an existing MTU and includes:

- One (1) TED Spyder Component with Data Cable

- Eight (8) Current Transformers.    See Spyder packages below for amperage selections

Spyder Packages

Review the packages below to determine the Spyder package that best suits your need.

Spyder Pop – Most popular package - includes (2) split-core 200A CTs, (2) 60A and (4) 20A solid core CTs

Pros: Package is designed for majority of desired target loads in typical home. Split-core CTs will accommodate large circuits while 60/20A CTs will work for the smaller circuits;

Cons: None.

Spyder 20 – includes (8) 20A solid core CTs

Pros: Accurate to within 5%; minimum load to display: (40watts); less expensive than split core CT.

Cons: Solid core CT; would need to remove conductor from breaker to slip CT over; may not fit around larger conductors; limited to 20A circuits.

Spyder 60 – includes (8) 60A solid core CTs

Pros: Accurate to within 5%; less expensive than split-core CT; for any circuit rated 60A or less.

Cons: Solid core CT; would need to disconnect conductor from breaker to slip CT over; may not fit around larger conductors; not as sensitive as the 20A CTs (will display beginning at 140 watts).

Spyder 200-D – includes (8) 200A solid core CTs

Pros: Will accommodate any circuit up to 200A; Accurate to within 5%; Less expensive than split-core CT.

Cons: Larger in size; may not be suitable for “tight quarters;” Requires disconnect of conductor from breaker.