TED for Solar

Insight into your Solar/Wind Investment

With TED's unique approach to PV system monitoring, owners can SEE energy production, energy consumption, their net usage, as well as weather conditions - and much more. TED provides owners with a comprehensive means of getting the most from their investment. Zero-energy homeowners will see exactly how much they are sending back into the grid. Formatted in a copyrighted calendar scheme, system owners will have a greater insight into their solar or wind investment and a better understanding of their utility bill.

Choose what to display in your Calendar.

  • Cost per Day
  • kWh NET
  • Average Power Factor
  • Demand
  • Peak Voltage
  • Low Voltage
  • kWh Consumed
  • kWh Generated
  • Peak Temperature
  • Low Temperature


More details for TED Solar

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Logs Generation, Consumption, and Net Usage
  • Multiple location/system monitoring