Mobile Applications

Are you ready to view your TED data remotely? Instead of port forwarding, you can alternatively connect TED to your router and use one of the applications listed below. Existing internet service is required.

Ready to create your own Third Party App? Download our TED PRO API or our TED 5000 API.

It's Electric (works with TED 5000)

It's Electric is an application by Robert Tupelo-Scheck that allows you to view your TED5000 data remotely on the web. Control the graph to view short term and long term usage patterns.

FireFox (works with TED 5000)

TED the Toolbar is a Firefox only Web toolbar that allows you to view your TED electricity data while you browse the web. Click on the toolbar to watch it expand into interactive graphs.


AMX is a home automation system that will allow you to integrate your appliances with AMX's interactive automation system and your TED 5000 system.


HAI is a leader in promoting energy efficiency within the home environment by providing ways to reduce energy consumption while maximizing comfort.


Control4's home automation platform and Eragy's award-winning energy management apps allow homeowners and small businesses to better understand their energy consumption and reduce energy costs by up to 30% or more.


Instead of firing up your computer to check on TED, simply press a button on your URC KP-4000 or MX-6000 and read the data directly from the large, colorful LCD.


Crestron Integrated Building Technology (IBT) is the only intelligent platform that unifies all energy-consuming systems including HVAC, lighting, shades, AV, sprinklers, and more.