Ways to Use TED in your home or office to SAVE

TED Application: Using TED Pro to Save Money in a Restaurant


A restaurant franchise owner wants to decrease overall monthly expenses for all eight of his restaurants. After comparing each restaurant’s monthly expenses, he notices that electricity is not only one of the most significant expenses, but that there are significant discrepancies in the electricity usage between restaurants.


The franchise owner purchases eight TED Pro Commercial systems, and has his electrician install one in each one of his eight restaurants. Now the franchise owner can view real time electricity readings and cost instantly, while also allowing each store’s manager to view the information as well.


1) Using Electricity at Different Times Affects Rates:

Since the owner's local utility has a Time-of-Use rate structure and also charges Demand Rates, he quickly notices that the restaurants that prep their food for dinner from 1 – 3 p.m. have significantly lower electricity costs, compared to other restaurants that prep their food from 4 – 6 p.m. TED immediately showed the dollar difference between using electricity during “off-peak” periods compared to higher-costing “peak” periods. The owner and managers met and rearranged their kitchen shifts so that dinner meals were always prepped between 1 – 3 p.m.

2) Electricity Awareness Results in Lower Usage:

Since each manager at each restaurant knew that TED was being installed and their electricity usage would be watched by the owner, the management team at each restaurant met with and educated their entire staff on reducing electricity usage. Some restaurant managers even created contests to see which shift could reduce their electricity usage the most in a one-month period. Each restaurant reduced their entire electricity usage by 15%.

3) Some Outdated Appliances were Wasting Electricity:

After observing TED readings and comparing them with restaurant sales, the franchise owner quickly noticed that three of the restaurants were using almost twice as much electricity as the other five restaurants. After browsing the kitchen using the handheld wireless display, the franchise owner immediately noticed that the outdated electrical range used twice as much electricity as the more energy efficient restaurants. The owner immediately replaced the three older electrical ranges with newer, more energy efficient models.