TED Pro 2000 with Rogowski Coils


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The TED Pro 2000 is designed for three-phase electrical service up to 2000 amps. For multiple breaker panels, additional MTU-RC sets can be installed within the facility.

DATA COMMUNICATION:The TED Pro 2000 comes standard with TCP (Ethernet) communication. PLC (Power Line Carrier) communication is an optional protocol that can be added. See below.

TED Pro 2000 package includes:
Three (3) 24" 2000A flexible Rogowski Coils;
One (1) Measuring Transmitting Unit (MTU-RC): MTU Power Cable
One (1) Energy Control Center (ECC) embedded with TED Footprints firmware;
One (1) ECC power cable
TED Commander cloud system
Installation Manual

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This TED Pro 2000 is designed for a three phase commercial service up to 2000 amps and includes (3) 2000 AMP 24" 600mm Flexible CTs. The TED Pro Energy Monitoring and Control System is a state‐of‐the‐art system for use in any commercial and/or small industrial complex. The system allows the user to monitor energy usage in real time, thereby managing energy use through awareness of energy use and costs. Energy use and alerts can be presented on a custom display, computer, over the Internet, on mobile devices or automatically sent by text or email. Colored LEDs alert the user to rate‐tier changes, high demand, cost or other user‐defined parameter. There are no additional costs for Software; software is embedded in the system. There are no subscription or monthly fees. TED Pro is the perfect tool to reduce your company's electricity bill. If you are unsure of which package to purchase, please e-mail us or call our office at 843-766-9800.