TED Sub-Metering

Insight into your Sub-Metering

Splitting up a utility bill is made easy with TED. Whether you have a multi-tenant warehouse, or want to sub-meter a 100-unit condominium, TED can handle it.

If your submeter situation is complex, or you would like assistance in determining your needs, please click here to submit a request for assistance.

If it is a simple situation - such as a residence where rooms are rented - you would need only a TED Pro Home + a Spyder.

Let us help you out -

  • Strip-malls
  • Condominiums
  • Apartment buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial systems
  • Campgounds
  • Marinas
  • Mother-in-Law apartment
  • Office suites
  • Home/office

More details for TED sub-metering

  • •   Each tenant can access their account to better manage usage and understand the bill
  • •   Monthly billing data
  • •   Multi-function alerts for each tenant