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TED Spyder Mix (4-60A and 4-20A Donut CTs)

Product code: 295

Quick Overview:

This TED Spyder MIX comes with 4-60A Donut CTs, and 4-20A Donut CTs. Measure 4 of your heavier loads, and 4 of your lighter circuits. If you are purchasing or have purchased a TED Pro Package that included a MTU, you will not need to purchase an additional MTU to use the Spyder. Note that each MTU can accommodate up to two Spyders.
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The TED Pro Spyder will monitor eight (8) individual circuits. Each MTU of your TED system will accommodate two Spyders (16 circuits). The maximum number of Spyders any TED Pro system will support is 4 (32 individual circuits). Note: If adding a SPYDER to an existing TED Pro system, you will need to update your firmware to accommodate the SPYDER. Please email us at to request firmware update instructions.