Which TED do I need?

STEP 1: Determine which TED series you would like to purchase.

For residential, or single phase small business facilities, you can choose between the TED Pro Home or the TED 5000 series.
- TED Pro Home was released in late 2014 and allows users to monitor overall energy usage, as well as individual circuits; extremely robust data-transmission; remote data storage and access using TED Commander.
- TED 5000 was introduced in 2009 as a whole-home electricity monitor with computer interface.

For a comparison of the two models, click here.

For commercial, or three phase facilities, you will choose the TED Pro Commercial series. The TED Pro is designed to monitor three phase electric service up to 5,000 Amps providing detailed and accurate electricity usage-data. TED Pro is a perfect solution to monitor franchises, offices, schools, factories, stores, marinas/campgrounds, or to sub-meter tenant space.

STEP 2: Determine what you would like to monitor.

Inside the breaker panel, Current Transformers (CTs) are clamped around the main incoming wires to provide an accurate electrical reading of the amount of electricity the breaker panel is using.  It is very important that you know the number of breaker panels in your home or building in order to purchase the correct system.   If a breaker panel is a sub-panel, its reading will already be measured through the main breaker panel, however, you can choose to monitor it independently with an additional MTU/CT set.  You should know the amperage (200 Amps, 400 Amps, 800 Amps, etc.) as well as the voltage (240/120, 208/120, etc.) of each breaker panel.

Below are a few configurations of typical electrical setups in buildings.

One 3 phase 400 amp breaker panel     Three main single phase breaker panels         Two Main breaker panels and one subpanel

STEP 3: Determine how you would like to view your data.

TED data can be viewed locally on any computer, or any computer/mobile device remotely (Internet access required) . If you wish to have the convenience of a display continually providing usage-data, the TED 5000 "C" versions come with a wireless, handheld Display. The TED Pro series has the option of a wireless, handheld Display, or a fixed, wired-in Display.
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