TED 5000 Firmware Upgrade

Current version of TED 5000 firmware is: Gateway - 499, Footprints - 281.


Upgrading to this version of the firmware will reset your device system settings, including Device ID #'s, Network Settings, etc. Upgrading will also perform a “Reset Totals to Zero,” (this will reset Monthly Totals but not affect History). We recommend disabling password protection and making a backup of your system settings before upgrading. We highly recommend using the installation utility (found under the Support tab - Step 2 - 1st selection) while performing an upgrade. After upgrading, please find your TED5000 on the network (you will also use the installation utility to do this) and then Restore your system settings via the “Write to Device” tab of the system settings wizard.

If your Gateway is unresponsive after the upgrade, or not receiving data, it may be necessary to perform a "Factory Reset to Defaults" either via Footprints or by holding in the reset button on the side of the Gateway for 30 seconds.

As always, we recommend that users do not upgrade unless there is a specific feature or bugfix that is applicable.

Firmware Upgrade Directions:

1.) Download files at the bottom of this page after reading entire directions first.

2.) Open the Live Dashboard.

3.) Clear out all cookies, history, and cache from your browser.

4.) Refresh the page.

5.) Then, Edit > System Settings > Write to Device tab > backup your system settings to your computer.

6.) Repeat Step 5 for your Utility Settings.

7.) Once both have been saved, go to Advanced > Update firmware > browse to Gateway file - upload.

8.) Once complete, Advanced > Update firmware > browse to Footprints file - upload.

9.) After you’ve updated the firmware, select Advanced > Reset to Factory Defaults.

10.)Then, upload your saved settings from the Write-to-Device tab of both the System and Utility Setups.

WARNING: These downloads are for TED 5000 with serial number beginning with "21..." only. If your serial number begins with "20..." please contact Tech Support. The following firmware update will NOT work with TED Pro series.