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More than 10 years ago, Dolph Rodenberg noticed that his wife often left the lights on when no one was home. Determined to show her how much electricity and money she was wasting, he headed to the store to find an in-home electricity monitor, but came home empty-handed.

Years later, Dolph was still determined to find or create an in-home electricity monitor. After many years of research and countless meetings with electricians and engineers, a design was finally invented utilizing a little-known technology known as power line carrier. Energy, Inc. was ultimately incorporated in 2001. After filing for and receiving several patents, adding engineering and support staff, sourcing hundreds of electronic components, working with electronics and software engineers, arranging for manufacturing and shipping, and spending lots of money, Energy, Inc. created the first TED.

The first TED was sold in 2004, with a later version of the 1000-series being released in 2007. The 5000 series was released in 2009, followed by a partnership with Google and an investment from 3M.


Energy, Inc. is committed to providing long-term energy conservation and relief of environmental pressure through the continued development of energy-management products. Energy, Inc. is spearheading a concerted effort to reduce domestic energy waste by 15% through real-time energy management.