Frequently asked questions: We have the answers.

TED Pro is designed for three phase electrical systems up to 600V/5000A.    To view our complete specifications, please click here.   If you have a single phase (typical residential service), we recommend you purchase our TED Pro Home system, available here.

Please keep in mind that if you have a three phase system that is over 400 amps (i.e. 800A-5000A system), or more than one main circuit breaker or switch, you will need additional Current Transformers (CTs) in order to get a comprehensive reading.   For more than one breaker panel, you will need additional MTU/CT sets.   Please view Question 2 below for more details.

If the diameter of the main service conductors (wires) is larger than 1.25 inch, there are two TED Pro systems that come with Rogowski Coils to fit around your conductors.   For a full list of limitations, as well as safe operating range and conditions,  please view pages 3-4 in our TED Pro Commercial Installation Guide.

An additional Measuring Transmitting Unit(s) (MTU) and Current Transformers (CTs) will allow you to monitor larger electrical systems, individual breakers, and/or individual phases.   An MTU can accommodate a maximum of 9 CTs (3 sets of 3-CTs).   For example, in a 1200A breaker panel, 9 CTs would be used (3 CTs for each leg/phase) to provide the overall reading for the entire panel.   Each TED Pro can accommodate a maximum of 4 MTUs.

While purchasing TED Pro on our online store, you will have the ability to add up to 3 MTU/CT sets for a total of 4 MTU/CT sets with your system.   An additional MTU/CT set includes one MTU and 3 CTs.   If desired, individual CTs may be purchased in the TED Store.

TED Pro will measure Demand Rates.   TED will also send an alert via text message or email,  warning that a new Demand Rate is about to be reached giving time enough to prevent a new Demand Rate.    TED Pro has a very intuitive, comprehensive rate/tariff engine that will accommodate all rate structures.

Because the MTU/CTs are installed in a high-voltage environment, the system must be installed by a licensed electrician.   Please view our TED Pro Installation Guide for full installation details and requirements.

The system is designed with two means of communication.   Power Line Carrier (PLC) and Ethernet. Either may be used.   The PLC used is a new, state-of-the-art communication that has been tested in extreme environments and found to be most reliable.   In the event you are unable to utilize PLC, or if you have a reason not to use PLC (security),  you have the option of connecting an Ethernet cable directly between the MTU and the ECC (receiving device).

No.   TED Pro comes with firmware embedded to provide the most detailed analysis of your electrical system.   You can learn more about TED's software here.   TED Pro is a stand-alone management system that provides continuous, automatic data collection and feedback, with no added costs or hidden fees.

TED Pro is designed to be very flexible in its use.   TED can easily be set up to isolate specific equipment, processes, or systems.