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  1. RemoteLock Wi-Fi Keypad Deadbolt

    RemoteLock Wi-Fi Keypad Deadbolt


    The first ever Wi-Fi Keypad Door Lock is here!! With the internet controlled RemoteLock, you can lock or unlock your door remotely. Know who enters your property and when. Receive text alerts when codes are used. Issue new codes or delete codes from your computer or phone. Even give temporary codes to neighbors or guests. Control access to your door from your computer or phone: Keep your home within reach… like in the palm of your hand. Lock or unlock your door from your phone. Add or delete user codes. And receive text alerts with your lock’s activity. Provide temporary access to guests, friends or neighbors Want to give your neighbor access for a week to feed the pets while you’re away? No problem… create a simple temporary code that lasts for the week. Also perfect for rental properties! ** Please be advised that the RemoteLock does require a $0.99 a month service fee in order to remotely connect to your lock. For more information on the pricing plans for RemoteLock, please click here ** Learn More
  2. Wi-Fi Power Plug

    Wi-Fi Power Plug


    With the LockState Connect Wi-Fi Power Plug, you can turn any electronic device on and off from anywhere in the world. Turn your kids night light off after they've fallen asleep with out disturbing them, set schedules for when you are at work or on vacation and even monitor power use all from your LockState Connect account. Learn More
  3. Wi-Fi Power Strip

    Wi-Fi Power Strip/Surge


    The six outlet Wi-Fi Surge Protector Power Strip from LockState Connect features four AC outlets that can be turned ON or OFF remotely* and two always-on AC outlets. The four controlled outlets can be accessed by the user from anywhere in the world with a smart device or computer through the LockState Connect portal. These controlled outlets also allow the user to monitor energy usage of the connected electronic devices to provide them with the knowledge of how much power is being consumed by each. Scheduling is another feature available to the individual controlled outlets. Users can schedule the outlets to turn ON or OFF at specific times of specific days to help conserve energy and ultimately reduce energy bills. The always-on outlets are exactly that, always-on, unless the full power strip has been turned off or unplugged. These always-on strips cannot be controlled via Wi-Fi like the other four and are ideal devices, such as a cable box or router, that you would want to keep on continuously. *Remote viewing and monitoring with LockState Connect requires a monthly service fee starting at $0.99. Service plans can be chosen upon setup and enrollment of LockState Connect device. Learn More
  4. Wi-Fi Internet Programmable Thermostat

    Wi-Fi Internet Programmable Thermostat


    The LS-60i is a sleek 7-day programmable WiFi enabled thermostat with touch screen controls. The LockState Connect home automation systems allows you to control your thermostat from anywhere in the world. Whether you are at work, on vacation or on the road, view and control your heating and cooling settings, adjust program settings or receive alerts when settings change. Rental property owners can take even more control over their property and energy savings by setting heating or cooling programs to begin just prior to guest check-in and return to lower energy levels at checkout. Want to know if your guests are changing your settings or running the AC all day long? No problem. Set up alerts to be notified when certain conditions are met or exceeded. LockState Connect allows you to keep your home and energy bills within reach. Features: The LS-60i works with nearly any HVAC system - including traditional furnaces and heat pumps Has a large screen with bright white back-light Can control up to 2 stages of heat and 2 stages of cool Able to program up to 4 independent periods per day Must have power from the furnace ("C" or "Common" wire) to power the thermostat in order to run the Wi-Fi module Available Connections: C, B, O, W, W2, Y, Y2, RH, RC, G, A Target Temperature Range: 47F to 95F Required for Installation: C-Wire (Common wire) to power the thermostat If you do not have a C-Wire, you can also use a 24VAC Transformer Wi-Fi router with minimum of "B" Standard (All routers that are B, G or N are okay) Laptop or Smartphone with WiFi connectivity to provision thermostat Learn More
  5. Wi-Fi Power Strip with Motion

    Wi-Fi Power Strip/Surge with motion


    With the LockState Connect Wi-Fi Multi-Outlet Power Strip with Motion Detection, you're able to monitor and control up to 4 outlets from anywhere in the world. Turn the strip on or off, set a schedule for the strip to be on while you're away, or simply see how much power is being consumed by the strip. Save money on your energy bills by always knowing how much power is being consumed and having the ability to turn the strip off when ever you need to, from any smart phone, laptop, or desktop computer. The motion detector sensor can turn the power strip on or off when motion is detected. The strip comes with 6 outlets, 4 that can be controlled via Wi-Fi and 2 that are always on. The strip also features a manual on/off button for quick and easy power on/off. The strip is also a surge protector which gives you the peace of mind knowing that if a power surge were to happen, any valuable electronics that are plugged in will be protected. *Remote viewing and monitoring with LockState Connect requires a monthly service fee starting at $0.99. Service plans can be chosen upon setup and enrollment of LockState Connect device. Learn More

5 Item(s)

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