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Energy Inc. has designed the affiliate program to allow businesses and individuals who would like to get paid to passively promote TED solutions but without having to handle or invest in inventory. Our experience tell us that once consumers understand what a TED solution can do for them, a very high percentage purchase. As an Energy Inc. affiliate, you will be paid to tell the story of TED and what it can do to monitor and promote energy savings. The "story" can be told in person, on a website, on a blog, social media, traditional advertising, via email to a data base, or any way you choose to get the word out. Please note: We understand that some of our affiliates prefer to remain neutral when speaking about a particular product. For such affiliates we offer the option of having any earned commission sent directly to the charity of their choice!

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As an Energy Inc. affiliate you will have your own unique link to the Energy Inc. website. Simply by directing people to your customized link, all sales will be attached to your account and you will be paid commissions monthly on those sales. Your interactive affiliate control panel will enable you to track any marketing campaigns, be notified on all visits and sales unique to you, and view all commissions earned in real-time. Your control panel will contain all marketing support material including banners, brochures, post cards, sample advertisements and much more. In addition you will be assigned a dedicated affiliate manager. Their job will be to assist you with any marketing support you may need beyond what is provided.

While there is no cost to become a TED affiliate we ask that all affiliates become a "product of the product" by purchasing and utilizing a TED solution for personal use. We have start-up packages available for affiliates with a suitable discount.

The are many types of business and online entities that can benefit from promoting TED: Bloggers, Enery Guru's, Social Media specialists, Professional Online Marketers, Electricians, Energy auditors, small retail outlets, schools, non-profits, solar installers, online retailers, and anyone with a database or clients who may be interested in a TED solution.

In addition to earning commissions on all sales made from your introductions, you also have the ability to introduce other affiliates and receive a commission on all sales that are made through their network. As mentioned above, if you chose not to personally profit, you can have your commissions go to the charity or non-profit organization of your choice! All applications are manually processed within 48 hours of receipt. You will be personally contacted by an Energy Inc. representative to discuss any questions you may have, your goals in promoting TED, and how we can support you in reaching those goals.