TED Spyder

TED Spyder Individual Circuit Monitoring Tool

Looks like a spider, doesn't it, with its 8 legs?   TED Spyder is an add-on accessory, compatible only with TED Pro systems.   The Spyder is a monitoring unit that comes with eight (8) Current Transformers.    Each leg can monitor circuits from 15A up to 200A.     These CTs are designed to go around individual circuit conductors inside your breaker panel.   The Spyder will log data for individual circuits/ appliances/ systems/ motors.   Every TED Pro system MTU comes with a built-in Spyder connection, so if you have an existing TED Pro-series MTU (residential or commercial), you will NOT need to purchase an additional MTU to use TED Spyder.

The Spyder monitors breaker-level detail ... on your HVAC units, computer equipment, lighting, individual offices, and thousands of other possibilities! This add-on is the perfect way to take your TED Pro to the next level of monitoring and saving!

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TED Spyder connects to an existing MTU and includes:

  • 1 TED Spyder Measuring Unit
  • Your choice of Amperage of 8 Current Transformers.   See Spyder packages below

Spyder Packages

Please review the packages below to determine the Spyder package that best suits your need.